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Our Customer Service team can help resolve any problems you may have experienced with your purchase 
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 WarrantyOur products include a full 12-month warranty
If you discover a manufacturing defect, we will ask you to provide a purchase receipt 
Any case of a malfunction in our product you’ll have to provide us photos in addition the receipt 
If the above data will not be attached, it will not be possible to complete warranty process

Exercising warranty and refunds will give the buyer a new product or a refund – each case on its own

  – Refund Policy
If you or your pet are not satisfied with the purchase, you can send it back to us within 14 days
Send it to ‘Amit Tomer Sahar & Yevu Ltd. Histadrut 95 Holon
Israel’ and receive a full refund on the purchase provided that the product is in its original packaging and has not been used.