Let your Dog sleep like a king

They smell it – They choose it
The revolutionary fluffy cushion that de-stresses your dog

so many things can stress your closet buddy

When you take them for a walk outside
When you leave them alone at home

Many pets experience anxiety on a daily basis.

Most often the cause is restless sleep 

Give your pet the sleeping experience that they deserve! For a happier life!

Many owners have reported great improvements after choosing our cushion
for their dog Pets all over the world demonstrate a daily behavior change.
Gift them with happiness – energetic – and peace.

Trust us You will fall asleep You could sleep at night Trust them They know what’s best for them.

Easily washed in a washing machine up to 40°C and can be dried in a dryer

:Choose between 3 different colors & sizes


Delivery: Free with a carrier

Warranty : One year warranty by Tomer Amit Trade & Yevu Ltd
Refunds: Up to 14 days – Full Refunds – No questions asks
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